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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Casual Weekend Stripes

top c/o tobi // jeans (my favorite high waisted pair!) // espadrilles (go half size up) // purse // hat // rings

The thing about my style over the years has become rather casual. Maybe it's my go with the flow attitude. Maybe it's just the LA vibes. But it comes down to knowing what I feel best in and repeating that formula over and over. So you can say I've grown my collection of stripe tops and jeans this summer. While it might seem redundant to keep buying stripes, I know that those are the pieces that will get worn. It's about finding different variations that keep it interesting, even if you're actually just wearing a stripe top+jeans+espadrilles practically everyday. Needless to say, the second I saw this stripe cold-shoulder number from Tobi, it was a must! It made for the perfect top to throw on right because of course my other half gave me a time limit to get ready this weekend. So maybe that's really why I have an outfit formula...jk!

Do you have an outfit formula that you constantly go back to?

Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Wear Statement Ruffles

top c/o Banana Republic // jeans // shoes // purse (similar) // sunglasses

I'm not one to shy away from stripes. And when I find a "new" version I'm right there to give it a test. So with the whole ruffle trend taking storm, I couldn't resist this top with stripes and the dramatic ruffles. There's no question the ruffles are meant to standout, which gives it some playfulness. The key is balance that out. Naturally, I gravitated to all my basics. Simple jeans and accessories downplay all the fun from the top, making it just right. This honestly would be a fancy outfit for my office, but for some of you this might work for your casual Friday or weekend brunch. Either way, statement ruffles add so much to a look and can work for an office or weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone who linked up with us! We're so excited to have the linkup back! Our picks this week are Karen from Lady in Violet and Lydia from Chic on the Cheap! We're loving their chic white!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Not So Simple Black Top

black tee (worn backwards) // jeans // shoes (similar)  // purse (similar) // sunglasses

Half the time, there's a good chance you can find me in neutrals and a t-shirt. Lucky for me, my office is casual, so my work to weekend pieces do not very much. I wouldn't be surprised if people think I wear the same thing just in different variations-tee and jeans. But in my defense I've become quite the expert at finding t-shirts with fun details. This black tee is just the latest and I preferred it worn backwards.  And if you saw my last Instagram post, you know I've been t-shirt shopping. Here are a few more I've bought:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Easy Weekend Outfit

top (on sale) // jeans // sandals c/o Banana Republic 

Yay it's Friday! This week has flew for me. How about you? But let's talk about this top for a sec, k? It's one of those easy to wear and looks like you put some effort that day. It's also a top that I stalked until it went on sale. I'm a very good stalker I tell ya. It's silk, guys. It's also 50% off, which is a great price for a quality piece. Before the summer ends, I'm already planning on wearing it with white jeans and cutoff shorts. It did make for a great top to hit up The Broad, a local LA museum. More importantly, it was great for stuffing my face with all the yummy food Downtown has to offer. 

And I'm also excited because Jessica and I are bring back the linkup! In case you didn't know, but Jessica had her baby boy last month. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Wardrobe Update

top (similar option) // skirt c/o // espadrilles // bag // sunglasses 

Hey everyone! How's your week going? Is it me or are we at that time of the year where we realize time is going too fast, yet were in the mental slow fog of summer? Part of me wants time to slow down to fully enjoy these long warm months and maybe just be able to sit pool-side with a nice margarita. You know a nice long siesta. Then, that other part where I just want cool weather and snuggle up in a cozy sweater. Because I've officially don't know how many more times I can wear my cutoff shorts. And that's the thing finding clothes you feel excited about when you're melting is not an easy task right now. Retailers are filled with all the cute fall stuff. So when I came across this stripe skirt (and I'm not a skirt person) I just knew it would add some spark to my summer wardrobe. Yesss, I could get through these heat and look cute (and a little sweaty).

Do you have any pieces that you've picked up that are getting you through? Mainly, because I'm asking for my closet :)